How to turn on Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Facebook had been trying a dark mode for its Messenger application, constraining the extent of the test by expecting you to open it as a concealed element by sending a sickle moon emoticon.

The additional progression made it enjoyable to open, and furthermore urged others to open the all-dark look as companions posted arbitrary moons in talks.

Facebook as of late declared the Easter egg is never again required. Presently anybody can empower Messenger's dark mode without opening it first.

turn on Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Turn On Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Why utilize dark mode? Not exclusively is utilizing a dark mode simpler on your eyes, as indicated by Google it can spare battery life.

Turning on dark mode in Messenger just takes a few taps:
  1. Open Facebook Messenger and tap on your profile symbol in the upper left corner.
  2. The Dark Mode switch will be the main choice under your profile photograph.
  3. Turn Dark Mode on and watch as the majority of the white is in a split second supplanted with dark.
On the off chance that you don't have Dark Mode yet, you can hold up until Facebook completely reveals the element to everybody, or you can attempt to send the bow moon emoticon (🌙) in a discussion to open the once in the past concealed element.

To change back to the lighter variant of Messenger, simply rehash the above advances and turn Dark Mode off.

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