WhatsApp Error: The Best Ways and Solutions to Overcome Troubled WhatsApp Applications on Android

WhatsApp is one of the best chat applications, with more than 10% of people in the world using WhatsApp. But what if this application has a problem? If the WhatsApp error application will certainly interfere with the activity in sending messages.

So we must immediately find a solution to overcome the problematic WhatsApp application. There are various errors on WhatsApp.

There are those who cannot install WhatsApp, cannot receive an activation code, cannot connect to the WhatsApp application, and much more.

How to Overcome the WhatsApp Error Application on Android

errors on Android WhatsApp

To find out how to overcome error on your WhatsApp, we must find out what the problems first. Because to fix the problem on the WhatsApp application on Android, depending on the type of error encountered. See the explanation of the types of errors that occur on WhatsApp and how to overcome WhatsApp the following error.

1. WhatsApp Application Error When Installed

If you can't install WhatsApp on your Android Smartphone, the problem lies in your own Android Smartphone. WhatsApp Error when installed, usually occurs because the device is not compatible with the WhatsApp application that was downloaded. At present, the WhatsApp application can only be installed on Android Smart Phone with version 2.2 (Ginger Beard) and above.

If you want to install WhatsApp through an APK file downloaded on a website other than Google Play, you need to activate the Unknown Sources option in the settings.

To activate it, just go to Settings »Security» Unknown Sources.

If you experience problems when installing WhatsApp on Google Play and an error code appears, maybe the problem is with the Google Play application. So you need to improve the Google Play Store application first.

2. Not Getting Activation Code When Installing WhatsApp

When you have installed the WhatsApp application, you will be asked to enter an activation code to prove that you are not a robot. This activation code is usually received via short message or SMS. However, several incidents stated that the WhatsApp activation code did not arrive.

Before proceeding to send the activation code, it's a good idea to first check the following important things:

  • Make sure the number entered is the number that is in the cellphone,
  • Make sure the number is right,
  • Select the country that matches the number registered,
  • Make sure your internet network is in good condition.

If the three things are correct, and you have not received a WhatsApp activation code, you can use the Voice Call method. WhatsApp Customer Service will call you and will provide the activation code you have requested.

3. WhatsApp Cannot Open, Down or Cannot Connect

If you get an error on WhatsApp like it can't be opened, then you need a little hassle to turn off some other applications. You need to delete the application data which can be burdensome to your device's operating system. You just go to Settings, select the application, and delete the data. Usually problems related to the WhatsApp application cannot be opened, because the smartphone's memory is full.

Also, make sure the WhatsApp application that you install is the latest application that you have updated in Playstore. If WhatsApp is still an error, try doing the following method:

  1. Remove WhatsApp application,
  2. Restart your mobile,
  3. Make sure the condition of the HP memory is sufficient,
  4. Re-download the WhatsApp application in Playstore.

If you install a Task Killer application, make sure the application doesn't turn off the WhatsApp application. For applications that are difficult to send messages due to down, you should check your WhatsApp smartphone app on your friends or family. It could be, the main server from WhatsApp is indeed down and error.

4. The WhatsApp Application Cannot Detect Contacts

There are a number of reasons why the WhatsApp application cannot detect contacts on an Android smartphone, and here are some ways to resolve the problem.

  1. Make sure you have entered the contact number correctly.
  2. Make sure their numbers also use the WhatsApp application.
  3. Use the latest WhatsApp version.

In the contact list on the smartphone, make sure you have set it so that it can be seen (both by humans and applications). This also applies to contact groups.

5. Can't Play Videos on WhatsApp

Sometimes you receive videos sent by your friends via WhatsApp, and unfortunately suddenly the video can't be released. WhatsApp actually uses a supporting application to play videos, namely Google Photos.

For this reason, if the video cannot be played on WhatsApp, you must make sure that the Google Photos application has been updated with the latest version. If this doesn't work, try going to the Settings menu »Apps» Google+ and tap Uninstall updates.

6. Getting Error on WhatsApp Voice Call

If you experience problems while doing voice calls using WhatsApp, there are several ways to overcome them.

Not being able to make voice calls or answer voice calls on WhatsApp is caused by an internet connection. So, make sure the internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) is strong and fast.

Maybe you also need to turn off the internet connection and turn it back on. This problem also depends on the person who made voice calls with you, make sure he also has a good internet connection.

7. WhatsApp Cannot Play Audio Messages

This problem may be related to the proximity sensor feature that is relied on by WhatsApp. Usually, proximity sensors can be found near the front camera on an Android smartphone.

Make sure the feature is not damaged and do not hold the device to face or ear when you want to listen to audio messages from WhatsApp. Don't forget to increase the volume if the sound is too slow.

8. Cannot Download Photos or Videos on WhatsApp

The next error on WhatsApp is that it cannot save photos or videos sent. If you find a WhatsApp Error problem like this, make sure that your Android smartphone's memory is not full.

If the memory is still sufficient to receive the file, try setting a number of things as follows:

  1. Select Settings on the WhatsApp application,
  2. Select Data Usage
  3. Activate the auto-download media feature,
  4. Select Images and Videos

Those are some solutions to problems and errors that occur in the WhatsApp application. If there are other errors that have not been listed in this article, please let me know via comments.

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